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New South Wales RSCPA introduces e-adoptions

New South Wales RSPCA introduces e-doptions

Filling out a form online is almost becoming more second-nature to us than handwriting one. We online-shop for groceries, clothes, gifts and all sorts of other things, but how about for a pet?

The New South Wales RSPCA have shifted their thinking on how animal adoptions are conducted during the current pandemic. Everything is online.

With more than 500 animals being adopted from the RSPCA NSW shelters in just the last month, the power behind pet companionship in times of need has never been more clear. To care for the safety of all involved in the process, the animal rescue group have now made the search for a furry friend fully accessible from the comfort of your very own living room. If you’re a NSW resident and ready to take on the adventure of a forever pet, then sit down, relax and scroll to your heart’s content through the RSPCA’s selection of pets.

On the RSPCA’s website, the application process has been made so user-friendly that all you need to do is click the link to the form, answer a couple of safety questions and fill in a few simple information fields about you and your chosen pet’s details. Your application is then ready to be sent. Much like an online doctor appointment, you’ll then be called via phone or video by a RSPCA representative for a consultation to discuss the adoption process.

Once you have been approved to home your new soulmate bunny, bird, guinea pig, pooch or kitty, with just a small fee, the RSPCA NSW team will organise a staff member to transport your new family member directly to you. Don’t forget that your pet is not just for social isolation, but for life.

Thanks to the RSPCA for safely bridging the social distance between furry friends and honest, life-long homes. Organisations like the RSPCA, who are adapting their operations to the changing times of social distancing and staycations, are another positive representation of the creative solutions that come from working together through COVID-19.

Is it time for you to e-dopt a forever friend?

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