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Pyometra – easy to prevent

Pyometra – easy to prevent

Pyometra is a serious condition that can develop in female pets that have not been desexed. It is more common in middle-aged to older dogs but cats are not immune from the condition.

Over time, there are changes to a female’s reproductive tract that can lead to thickening of the uterus and formation of cysts. These cysts provide a perfect environment for bacteria to replicate and the thickened uterus has trouble contracting to remove the bacteria.

The result can be a septic uterus and this is a very serious and potentially life threatening condition.

Signs of pyometra:

Increased thirst
Loss of appetite
There may or may NOT be vaginal discharge
Treatment needs to be aggressive and surgical intervention to remove the uterus and ovaries (spey) is almost always necessary. Some pets will also require intravenous fluid and antibiotic therapy as well as intensive care. The good news is, that if caught early enough, surgery is often a complete success.

The last case of pyometra at Mira Mar Vets was Buffy, a 6-year-old Staffy. She presented one afternoon with the symptoms of lethargy and being off her food with pus coming from her vulva. Surgery was performed on Buffy the same day, she was back at home by the following day, and is now in perfect health.

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