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Rat bait ingestion – what you need to know

Rat bait ingestion – what you need to know

The poison used to kill rats and mice interferes with blood clotting. These products are just as toxic to dogs and cats, and alarmingly your pets may even seek these poisons out.

What to do if your pet finds rat bait:

If you know that your pet has eaten rat bait, have them checked a vet as soon as possible. If seen immediately, your pet can be made to vomit which reduces toxin absorption. Sometimes blood tests, or administration of an antidote may be necessary.

If your pet is showing signs of bleeding, they may require supportive care, transfusion of blood products and the antidote.

Clinical signs are usually present anywhere from 1 to 7 days after ingestion (depending on type and amount of poison ingested).

How to know if your pet has eaten rat bait:

Your pet may be quiet or lethargic
A cough or breathing problems (if they bleed into the lungs)
They may collapse
Sometimes there will be visible signs of bleeding (in urine, nose bleeds)
If you think your pet might have eaten rat bait, please phone us immediately for advice.


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