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Snake bite – what to watch out for

Snake bite – what to watch out for

With changing weather patterns as well as a wet start to summer for many parts of Australia, snakes are being seen in urban areas previously thought to be ‘snake free’.

It’s a good idea to be remind yourself of what to watch out for when it comes to snake bite.

Remember that different species of snakes possess different types of venom so these can cause varying symptoms that appear anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours after a bite.

Watch out for:

Salivation (drooling)
Enlarged pupils
Rapid breathing
Hind limb weakness
Tips to help your pet survive a snake bite:

Seek veterinary attention immediately, even if you only suspect your pet has been bitten. It is better that your pet is checked over rather than wait until it’s too late
Keep your pet quiet and still – this is critical to help reduce movement of the venom around the body
Do not attempt treatment options such as cold packs, ice, tourniquets, alcohol, bleeding the wound or trying to suck out venom in place of getting your pet to the vet – they are a waste of precious time
NEVER attempt to kill, handle or capture the snake as you risk being bitten too
Always be vigilant and supervise your pet when they are off leash. Keep them inside from dusk (snakes like to hunt at night) and take care in off leash areas and around rivers and dams.

Click here to see a one very happy dog enjoying the long grass (we probably wouldn’t recommend letting your dog do this in the Australian summer!)

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