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Some easy ways to reduce your cat’s stress

Some easy ways to reduce your cat’s stress

Many people put off taking their cat to the vet as they feel it is just too stressful. As a result we don’t get to see your feline friend as often as we should and inevitably health problems go unseen. Dental disease, heart disease, kidney disease can sneak up on your cat slowly, often without you noticing.

Thankfully there are some ways that you can help reduce the stress associated with vet visits.

  • One method is for us to visit your cat at home. Every second Wednesday, Mira Mar Vets provide a home visit service for only $10 more than a visit to the clinic. A visit at home can reduce stress levels significantly, although it can sometimes be difficult keeping your cat indoors until the vet arrives!
  • Another method is using a pheromone spray in the cat carrier, making your cat feel more safe and secure. The pheromone spray is the same pheromone cats release when they feel chilled out and happy. We also recommend spraying it on a towel and covering the cat carrier to help your cat feel safe and avoid them making eye contact with patients of the canine variety!  The pheromone is also available as a diffuser and this is useful for cats that are having anxiety issues at home, such as during rehoming or when your are introducing a new pet or even a new baby. The diffuser can also help with toileting problems associated with stress.

Ask us for more information about this product or about the similar pheromone options available for dogs.

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