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Why socialisation sets up your dog for life

Why socialisation sets up your dog for life

Many people aren’t always aware that the most critical time in your dog’s life is in during their first four months. Socialisation at this time with other dogs (both big and small) is one of the most important ingredients for a well behaved and sociable dog. Here are some things to consider:

Puppies have brains like sponges
The more they are introduced to during this period, the better. If they learn how to behave around other canines it will help make future outings and park visits much more pleasant!

Puppy school is the first event you should put on your dog’s social calendar
Puppies will develop confidence and will learn how to interact with each other. This is a safe environment for socialisation as all puppies must be up to date with their vaccinations.

At MMVH, our puppy preschool classes are run by vet nurse Sherona Smith. The course is held every Wednesday evening for four weeks, and is a great way for your pup to meet other pups of a similar age, and get used to the vet clinic environment. One of the evenings involves a Q&A session with a veterinarian. For more information, visit our website.

Puppyhood is also a good time to introduce your dog to different noises and experiences
Think about the vacuum, traffic, multiple car trips as well as longer stints at home alone. We can recommend some great boredom busters to keep your puppy stimulated while you head out. You want your dog to learn to be happy during ‘alone time’.

Of course, good behaviour and training doesn’t stop at the age of four months! It is crucial to continue with positive reinforcement and to reward your dog for good behaviour. Please visit our website for more training tips for your pet.

Albany dog owners also have access to an excellent obedience training group, the Albany All Breeds Dog Club, which runs both puppy and adult dog training (with an emphasis on socialisation) on Saturday afternoons at a local park. Please contact us if you would like more information.

When it comes to pet behaviour, always ask us for the best advice.

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