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Super-friendly cats: ‘Slinkies’ and ‘Floofs’

Super-friendly cats: ‘Slinkies’ and ‘Floofs’

In addition to particularly confident ‘moggies’, there are some popular cat breeds with a reputation for being highly friendly and almost dog-like in their behaviour. We like to divide these cats into two cat-egories – the ‘Slinkies’ and the ‘Floofs’. In the Slinkies category are burmese, siamese and sphynx cats, while maine coon and ragdoll cats make up the Floofs.


These friendly breeds make wonderful pets for owners who want a particularly people-oriented cat. However, their inquisitive natures can make them more likely to get into mischief! Slinkies are known for their predisposition to pica – a habit of eating silly things such as hairbands or wool, which can cause dangerous gastrointestinal obstructions.

As well as keeping any potentially edible items packed away in cat-proof containers, it also helps to keep your super-friendly cat busy with a good routine of environmental enrichment. If they don’t have access to a safe outdoor area for jumping, climbing and scratching, you’ll need to provide some sturdy cat furniture (such as cat climbing trees and horizontal scratching platforms). Most cats will enjoy some cat grass to nibble on, as well as a variety of interactive toys, such as fishing rod toys, ping pong balls and food puzzle toys.

Special health care

Like most breeds, Slinkies and Floofs can have some special care requirements and potential health issues. These include:

Regular grooming for Floofs to help prevent matts and hairballs
Regular, gentle skin cleansing for sphynx cats, involving the use of baby wipes and/or baths using a cat-friendly shampoo
Potential genetic predispositions towards certain issues, such as heart disease, skeletal or neurological problems, metabolic diseases, kidney disease or feline asthma – have a chat with one of our veterinarians for more information on monitoring your cat for any relevant breed health predispositions
However, with the right care, these super friendly cats make the purr-fect companions!


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