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What might Santa bring your cat?

What might Santa bring your cat?

Looking for the “purr-fect” Christmas gift for your cat? Whilst there are some pretty excellent cat toys available online, it’s also possible to give your cat a great home-made present too!

Cat furniture

Cat furniture provides your cat with an interesting environment that allows the performance of some normal feline behaviours. This is particularly important for indoor cats.

With this in mind, potential gift ideas include:

A cat tree, for scratching, climbing and jumping opportunities

A horizontal cat scratcher/lounger

A window cat hammock – perfect for resting whilst watching the great outdoors!

An outdoor enclosure or cat-pram for safe outdoor exploration
Many cats will also love their own large pot of cat grass to nibble on!

Toys and games

If your cat is the playful type, they’ll probably enjoy an exciting new interactive toy. Depending on their preferences, you could consider offering:

Dangling “fishing rod” style toys for them to swat at

A laser pointer to chase (provided games last only a few minutes, and your cat is provided with a little toy to actually “catch” at the end of the game!) [as not always recommended]

Ping pong balls or some scrunched up paper for your cat to bat and chase around the room
Food-motivated cats will also enjoy interactive food puzzle toys, such as puzzle board feeders.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the fun that a good old cardboard box can provide for your cat. Cut holes in particularly large boxes and watch your cat peek out happily!


This category is pretty self-explanatory, though it’s safest to stick with Australian-made cat treats, due to the association of some non-Australian jerky-style treats with potential kidney toxicity. Feel free to ask our team for advice on some cat-safe festive treats to offer your feline friend.

With a bit of preparation, you can give even the most discerning kitty a very “meow-y” Christmas!

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