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Toxic Christmas foods

Toxic Christmas foods

During the holiday season, many of us want to be able to treat our pets a little too! So, our team would like to provide an official “naughty or nice” Christmas food list, outlining which foods are potentially harmful to your pet, and which ones you can safely surprise them with for a little seasonal joy!

“Naughty” foods – potentially harmful or toxic to pets

Whilst your pet will likely give you those adorable puppy dog or kitten eyes to try to convince you otherwise, it’s best to avoid feeding our four-legged friends any of the following:

Fatty leftovers including Christmas ham, turkey skin, sausages and nuts, as these can cause symptoms of gut upset or painful pancreatitis in some pets

Raisins and grapes (e.g. in Christmas pudding), which unfortunately cause severe kidney damage in pets

Chocolate, cacao or coffee beans, as these can cause symptoms of gut upset, an abnormally fast heart rate or even seizures depending on the quantity consumed

Meals or stuffing containing onions or garlic, which can cause damage to your pet’s red blood cells

Cooked bones, which are much more likely to splinter into sharp pieces and cause damage to the mouth or gut
“Nice” foods – great for treating your pet to some seasonal joy!

Unless your pet has any specific dietary requirements, here are some tasty, pet-safe Christmas nibbles that you and your pet can both enjoy:

Lean cuts of cooked meat, such as turkey breast, boneless salmon or shelled prawns

Cooked veggies, such as carrot, sweet potato, peas, green beans and pumpkin

Certain summer fruits (cut into small pieces), such as melon, bananas, peaches and mangoes, as well as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and apples (especially cold from the fridge on a hot day!)
If you stick to these healthy Christmas treats for your pet, you’ll be “sleigh-in it!”

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