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What might Santa bring your dog?

What might Santa bring your dog?

For a very happy canine this Christmas, consider organising one of these dog-friendly gifts for your four-legged friend!


If your pet loves playing fetch, you could consider a mouth-friendly toy made from tough, chew-resistant rubber or fabric. Whilst many dogs love chasing tennis balls and sticks, long-term tennis ball usage can cause heavy wearing of your dog’s teeth over time, whilst sticks pose a risk of mouth and throat injuries.

Ensure that any toy you pick is correctly sized for your dog (i.e. not small enough to fit entirely inside their mouth, which could pose a choking risk).

For solo play, consider an interactive food puzzle toy, which can provide your pet with great mental stimulation when they’re home alone!

Dog treats

We advise picking low-fat treats, such as Australian-made dried chicken breast or beef liver treats, or safe dental chew treats (provided that your dog chews these up properly before trying to swallow).

If you’re feeling particularly merry, you could also consider baking a batch of yummy dog treats, such as these sweet potato cookies!

If your pet has any special dietary or dental needs, ask our team for further advice on what treat would suit your pet best.

A new activity

For most dogs, quality time with their owner is the best present of all! If your dog is reasonably athletic, consider enrolling in a fun new activity together, such as agility or flyball. Other dogs may enjoy the calm focus and owner-bonding time that comes with advanced obedience classes.

And if you and your dog love to get outdoors, research a new dog-friendly walking route that you can explore together.

Regardless of what present “Santa Paws” brings your dog, we guarantee that you’ll have one very happy, furry family member this holiday season! “Fur”-liz Navidad!

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