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Unhappy hormones

Unhappy hormones

An endocrine disease is caused by an upset in the normal balance or regulation of hormones. These ‘unhappy hormones’ lead to a range of diseases that can greatly affect your pet’s quality of life.

When too much hormone is produced, the disease is referred to as a ‘hyper-disease’. Tumours and abnormal tissue growth commonly cause an overproduction of hormone.

A ‘hypo-disease’ occurs when too little hormone is produced. Endocrine glands that are destroyed, removed, or just stop working cause these diseases.

Keep an eye out for changes in:

  1. Appetite and thirst
    2. Weight
    3. Coat and skin
    4. Behaviour

Some endocrine diseases such as Diabetes and Addison’s disease (low levels of the adrenal hormones) can reach a crisis point and be potentially life threatening if not treated.

There are multiple ways we can treat an endocrine disease but diagnosis of the actual cause of the disease is essential.

Blood and urine tests are critical in the diagnosis and if we are suspicious of an endocrine disease, we will discuss the most appropriate tests for your pet.

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