Vale Zorro & Miel By Dr Dave Warren

Vale Zorro & Miel – by Dr Dave Warren

Vale Zorro and Miel – by Dr Dave Warren

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I acknowledge the passing of our beautiful golden retrievers Zorro and Miel on 10 September to suspected snakebite.

They were part of our family as well as much loved friends – Zorro was the same age as my eldest daughter – and their loss simply leaves a huge hole in our lives.

Their passing has been made bearable by the amazing support from our wonderful staff, friends and clients. Kirsten, Amelie, Madeleine and I have been very humbled by the response and wanted to say thank you to everyone for their sympathy and support – it really has made a huge difference.

We know we were very lucky to have Zorro and Miel in our lives, and we’re pretty sure they enjoyed their time with us as well.

Dave Warren

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