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Attention all dog owners

Attention all dog owners

We are often asked: why is it necessary to vaccinate against kennel cough even though my dog isn’t boarding?

Here are the facts. Kennel cough’s correct name is canine cough. It is commonly spread via water droplets through the air and can be transmitted between ANY dogs. It is often incorrectly referred to as ‘kennel cough’ and this is simply because the boarding kennels are a common place for it to be transmitted (given the high numbers of dogs in one area).

But ANY dog can contract canine cough; at the park, at the groomer, doggy day care and even walking down the street! As it can be spread through water droplets, a communal water doggy bowl at your local cafe may even be a potential source.

Vaccination is the key as it protects your dog against the worst strains of the disease (the ones that can typically cause nasty pneumonia). It’s important to realise that dogs can still contract a cough even if they are vaccinated but it’s never as bad as if they aren’t vaccinated.

If you have any questions about vaccination and your pet, we are the best people to ask for advice!

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