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Scratchy Bottom

Have you ever witnessed your dog dragging his bottom along the ground? This strange doggy dance is known as ‘scooting’ and it is an indication that your dog has irritated anal glands.

The anal glands are located on either side of your dog’s anus. Each gland holds a small amount of a foul smelling brown liquid that is released as your pet does a poo. This custom scent is left on the poo and this is used as a doggie calling card.

Most dogs won’t have a problem but if the glands are not sufficiently expressed they become impacted and uncomfortable. Your dog will try to relieve the irritation by rubbing his bottom along the ground.

Dogs that suffer from allergies and itchy skin are very susceptible to irritated anal glands.

Warning signs to watch out for:

Licking or chewing the bottom, turning around suddenly
Rubbing bottom on the ground especially after defecating
A foul odour (some describe it as a ‘fishy’ smell)
Soft stools or diarrhoea – the glands can become impacted following a bout of diarrhoea
If you notice any of these signs, the glands need to be manually checked and expressed by us to check infection is not present. A premium diet can also help reduce anal gland problems so ask us for a recommendation.

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