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What to do if your pet starts to feel the heat

Our pets can’t sweat all over their bodies like humans can. They rely on panting to get rid of the hot air and only produce a small amount of sweat through their footpads. This makes them extremely susceptible to heat exhaustion in hot and humid conditions.

Heat exhaustion can be particularly dangerous and even fatal so it’s important to be able to recognise the signs and know what to do.

Watch out for:

Excessive panting
Exaggerated and noisy panting
Weakness or collapse
What to do if you suspect heat exhaustion:

Bring your pet to us immediately (or seek emergency veterinary care)
On your way here you can cool your pet by applying wet towels to hairless parts of your pet’s body (groins or paws)
Place your pet in front of the air conditioner or a fan while you are in the car

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